Happy Monday! We have so many new and exciting things happening here at the North Shore Soap Factory and I wanted to tell you all about our new collaboration with an awesome organization called Clean The World.MangoForwardFacing


Their mission is to recycle soaps and shampoo items discarded by the hospitality industry then distribute them to homeless shelters and developing countries experiencing high fatality rates due to respiratory infections and diarrheal disease.  When you purchase our Hawaiian Bath & Body® and Clean the World® partnership soaps you are making a difference!

small-198_dsc_0730-jpg(Photo: Clean The World)

Clean The World was started in 2009 by Shawn Seipler. His job required him to travel often which lead to his learning that most half-used soap bars in hotel rooms usually end up in landfills. Clean The World now has recycling facilities in Florida, Nevada and Hong Kong and is continuing to expand each year.


One of the most unique aspects of this incredible organization is the way they recycle the soaps. Each bar of soap is cleaned and sterilized before being ground into small pieces. The pieces are then placed into a soap manufacturing line and made into new bars!  (You can read more about this process by visiting: https://cleantheworld.org/about-us/ )

small-dsc00938-jpeg(Photo: Clean The World)

Clean The World offers many opportunities for you to contribute to the needs of others.
To learn what you can do to help visit www.CleanTheWorld.org.



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