A storm is on its way, what to do on a rainy day? How about a nice warm bath with a eucalyptus bath bomb or a soap? Eucalyptus is helpful to treat respiratory ailments if you are feeling under the weather or just enjoyable when you are well  Will you be our Valentine? Stop by #NorthShoreSoapFactory tomorrow for our Valentine’s Day mixer! We will be serving sparkling juice and candy while giving discounts and free products. Don’t miss out on this fun event! Only at #HawaiianBathandBody ! #hawaiianbathbody  I love camping, do you? If you want to avoid bugs on your adventure the @nssoapfactory has you covered. Our citronella bar along with our outdoor body mist. We also recommend to apply our kukui nut lip balm. Let the adventures begin. #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody  Not sure what soap to get for a gift or for yourself? Get a tropical Sampler Pack and enjoy our plumeria, pikake, green tea lime, coconut cream, lavender, Hawaiian mango and kukui nut soaps, handcrafted with aloha at the North Shore Soap Factory! * * * #northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody #plumeria #coconut #handcraftedsoap #naturalsoap #organic #omiyagi
 Natural sea sponges have been known to last up to 8 years!! Much longer than synthetic made sponges. It’s great to use to exfoliate all over your body. Come pick your favorite one out today! #northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody #seasponge #allnatural #hawaii  Valentine’s day is approaching. No matter you budget, we have something in store that will say I love you: a chocolate strawberry lip balm, a quarter bar, a soap and lip balm gift pack or a cute rubber ducky. ❤️❤️#northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody  Our pleasant past experiences can sometime be remembered through our sense of smell. Our scentuals used a light perfume or in a diffuser will trigger that sweet feeling: Hawaiian mango, jasmine, plumeria or pikake are available. #northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody
 Can’t choose between all of our wonderful soaps? You don’t have to! Try our favorites in the product of the week, the Tropical Soap Sampler! Get 7 half bars that includes Plumeria, Mint Chocolate, Green Tea Lime, Coconut Cream, Lavender, Hawaiian Mango and Kukui Nut! 15% off this week only!! #northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody  So excited to have members of the red hat society tour our soap factory today! If you would like to schedule your own tour, please call and place the reservation 24 hours in advance to experience the north shore Soap Factory behind the scenes! #redhatsociety #redhatladies #tour #northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody  One of our most popular products at the North Shore Soap Factory, Kukui Nut Oil! It comes in 3 sizes, 8oz, 4oz (as shown in the picture), and the 2oz bottles. The three scents are Lemongrass, unscented, and lavender. Kukui nut oil has been used for centuries by Hawaiians for various beneficial reasons to the skin as it helps soothe the skin from things such as sun burns, dry winds, and salt water. It also helps alleviate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while moisturizing and softening the skin. Also very good for psoriasis and eczema. Come on down and try some! #kukuinutoil #kukuinut #NSSF #northshore #hawaiianbathbody #hawaiianbathandbody #northshoresoapfactory
 Our Naia Hawaii Coasters, made by our young and talented entrepreneur Naia, are in store along with other products by Naia. We also have Christie Shinn Stickers which look amazing on anything (such as a water bottle as shown in the picture) in store! Come on by to the north Shore Soap Factory and check out all of our awesome products made by so many talented people! #northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody  The perfect gift for your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day! Come on by the north Shore Soap Factory and pick up a pamper pack which includes a full bar of soap, body or facial mist, a soy candle, bath salts, a nail brush, and a lip balm! The lavender, plumeria, and Hawaiian mango pamper packs are shown here. #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody #northshoresoapfactory #valentinesday #giftsforher #giftsforhim #perfectgift #pamperpack  Reduce reuse recycle, in 2015 Hawaii became the first state to ban the plastic bag. Help keep our oceans and beaches clean, pick up a #northshoresoapfactory tote bag or a small and a large #baggu . #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody
 Visions of the tropics by the wonderful artists Candice Lee, Michael Stark, and Marionette! So happy to have these awesome pieces of art in our north Shore Soap Factory! Come by and take a closer look. #northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody #visionsofthetropics  Bath bombs are available at the#northshoresoapfactory #hawaiianbathbody #hawaiianbathandbody several scents will transform your bath into an aromatherapy experience  At the #northshoresoapfactory , we work hard to get our ducks in a row. I mean literally, come and check out our duck shaped soaps and our super collection of rubber duckies. #hawaiianbathandbody #hawaiianbathbody
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